Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Kids

Jackson is six and in first grade and is loving every minute of it. He loves math and is reading really well. He is having a hard time deciding if he is right handed or left handed, so that makes his writing a nightmare. He is a very responsible and polite kid. He loves anything outdoors and is a dare devil. He is a home body and we have to pry him out the door to go anywhere except school. He loves anything cowboy and anything he gets to do with his dad!

Addison is four years old. She is a very good
mixof girly girl and tom boy, just depending
on her mood.She loves cheerleading and we
are trying really hard to talk her into soccer
or anything else. She loves to play with friends
and is very social. She can't wait to start
Kindergarten next year. She loves to ride
bikes and be on the go. She is very energetic.
She loves her dad and has him wrapped around
her finger.

Carson is two years old and oh boy is he two. He is full of curiousness which has landed quite a few disasters. He is constantly on the go and into everything. He is so sweet and is still a mama's boy. He loves to cuddle and sing and he loves his siblings. He is our parrot right now, repeating anything and everything people say. He is a really fun kid who constantly keeps us entertained.

Aubrey is ten months old. I can't beleive how fast it has gone. She is really a sweet baby but is startingto get a temper. She wants things immediately. She has gotten a lot easier since being able to crawl but I think once she starts walking she will be a breeze. She loves to do anything by the older kids. She loves eating and being outside and she hates getting dressed. She is a shy baby and hides her face when people she doesn't know talk to her but will always give them a smile.


  1. I love the pictures and being able to see my cute families on their blogs. Zoey is so cute! Dad must really love cake!
    thanks for letting me 'adopt' all your babies Lisa and Zach. I love you all Momma Ceri

  2. I am so glad that you have this now. Your kids are so big...

  3. Your daughters are soooo Beautiful! Addison looks just like you--so pretty!