Wednesday, March 3, 2010


February turned into be quite a busy month. Our first adventure was to Twin Falls to go and see my Grandma who was visiting in Utah. We all met in Twin Falls to see baby Zoey again! We took the kids swimming alot. It was a fun trip and it was great to get to see her again but everybody went home with the flu! The following weekend we headed down to Twin Falls again for Zoey's baby blessing and my dad had come out for a long weekend. ( I took no picutres...can you say worst aunt in the world) We had a baby shower, shopping, basketball, church, blessing, ...etc. It was fun but super busy. It was fun to see papa...I always get nervous because my kids go so long in between seeing him...but they always pick up like he is always around. He will be back in July with the rest of the family and we are already excited!!!
Carson loved the "hot pool"

Stef taking Aubrey swimming for the first time...she loved it!

The following week Stef's friend Jessica was baptized in Pocatello! She asked Jack to baptize her and so we headed down to Pocatello for an evening. We left the Carson and Aubrey home with grandma and just took Jackson and Addi. It was so great! She is such an awesome girl and we love having her around. I have some super cute pictures that I will try and post later.

Now that spring is just around the corner we are already planning our outdoor of which we are putting on a patio, so this translated into Jack needing a new grill! We picked it up and then headed over to the grocery store. I stayed in the car with napping babies and so of course he walked out with steaks, ribs, and chicken. He said the first meal he needed to go all out, and he was was so good!!! We do A LOT of grilling and so I am sure it will get good use, can't wait to push it out of the garage and onto a patio!!!

Above the new grill...Below everyone enjoying the meal!

Just a random story to end...Carson has been asking for weeks to take the "boats" out and go swimming...(we have a couple jet skiis which he refers to as boats). So after much explaining that it is way to cold but soon it will be warm enough, he just countinues the other day I was cleaning and Carson and Addi were putting away the dishwasher, Addi yelled for me to come and see what Carson was doing....he had put two bread pans on his feet! I asked him what he was doing and he told me that those were his funny! Sorry for the underwear picture, but he doesn't care! We also bought a new high chair for Aubrey so the kids took the box and put it at the end of the hall and then run and slid accross the living room on the box! So those pictures are on here as well. We are getting excited for summer and can't wait for the adventures to start as soon as it warms up a little bit, but it is raining today and not snowing, so that is a definate start! COME ON SUMMER!!!

The Boys Sliding

Carson and his boat!

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  1. Carson is so funny. I miss those little kiddos. But I'll see them soon enough.
    Sounds like you had so much fun with Grandma and your dad.