Monday, March 22, 2010

Will he Survive?

So Carson is easily persuaded by his older sister...but many boys have survived that have older sisters right? So today Carson came into the kitchen dancing in a tutu and Addi thinks it is the best thing ever. He also loves pink...he even picked out a pink toothbrush! He does have a manly side to him, they are just the best of friends, so i think he is easily persuaded.

Aubrey is almost one I can hardly believe it. She does not have lot of hair yet, but enough to make a headwrap with a flower not so I have resorted to little barretts. They almost make her look a little older :( Here are just a few pics of my baby girl!!!


  1. I painted Tom's toes forever, until Dad convinced him it was for girls. He still lets me paint them red, white & blue for the 4th of July though.

  2. Don't worry about it. Carson won't do anything he doesn't want to do. One day he'll discover that putting on a tutu isn't his favorite thing to do. But, if you'll remember, Zane, Matt and Mike all dressed up in the "dress up" clothes at Papa's house.