Monday, April 5, 2010


This year Easter was sooo fun! The older my kids get the more enjoyable any holiday is, they just are so excited for everything! We decided to dye eggs this year. Unfortunately Jack was so sick and so he slept through the whole thing. The kids loved to color on the eggs and then dye them, and Aubrey just loved to grab them and then throw them. It was complete chaos, but it was fun.

Our Easter bunny always comes on Saturday...this year because of Zane and Stef's schedule, the Easter bunny came first thing Saturday morning. The kids woke up to tons and tons of eggs hidden throughout the house. I had told them the Easter bunny was doing something different this year so if you found a basket and it didn't have your name on it then keep looking but don't ruin it for the other person. Six baskets is a lot to hide but after much looking this is where they found them...Zane-Dryer, Stef-Dishwasher, Jackson- Garbage, Addi- Hamper, Carson-Under kitchen sink, Aubrey- Diaper basket. It was fun for them to look and they didn't get to open them until everyone had their basket. So I decided to do the baskets in bowls this all of their stuff went into a bowl, wrapped up, and then name tags on it. When we were getting ready to open the baskets Jackson looked and his tag and said, "I didn't know the Easter bunny liked to scrapbook...what a girl!" I couldn't help but giggle...he has no idea how much the Easter bunny likes to scrap book when given a chance! The kids also got a trampoline for Easter...they were so excited...they could have cared less that it was only about 35 degrees with 30-40 mile an hour winds and snowing...they bundled and played out there the entire day!

The Easter Baskets...and specifically Jackson's because of his comment

On actual Easter we watched General Conference...Jack made the most amazing Easter meal...and just hung out together. Nichola came over for dinner but other than that it was just us, and it was a very relaxing day!
Above: Me and my siblings that were here!

Above: Jack and kids cooking Easter Sunday

Below: Addi must have been very tired after everything because this is how we found her in our bed Easter evening...LOL

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  1. I was glad you found our blog! I just started and I am still trying to find and tell people about it! We had a great time with Lauren, she is awesome! She is very excited to come back! have a great day! I think your Easter Baskets are supper cute!