Tuesday, May 18, 2010

8 Years Does Not Seem Long Enough

I tell Jack all the time that it doesn't seem like 8 years does us justice...it just seems like way longer. We celebrated our 8th anniversary yesterday with not much just a quick date to grab some dessert at Chili's...our favorite! I tell him all the time, but he could have done way better than me, though I am glad he didn't. We have accomplished a lot in our 8 years of marriage...2 homes, 4 kids, and numerous family members that have come and gone from our apt/homes! We really have been blessed. We always talk about getting out more often by ourselves but we are both just so happy to be with our kids and know they won't always be little, as teenagers they will probably be begging us to leave for awhile. Here are just a few things that stick out in our minds from the last eight years...
- Our wedding in Chicago IL Temple...freezing cold
- The arrival of all of our kids
- We work really well together
- We LOVE LOVE LOVE when it is just the two of us with our kids and NOBODY else (hardly ever happens....that's why)
- We are starting to swap places...for example he is becoming the impatient one and I am gaining TONS of patience...who would have thought
- The days when we would go out for dessert at 11:00 and had no one to think about but ourselves!
- First being married and thinking $20 was a TON of money!!! (this makes me laugh out loud)
I really could go on and on...just the highlights we discussed for a minute yesterday and laughed about! I love you Jack!!!

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