Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Zane's Graduation

We finally made it! I say "we" because it was a we effort. We are in baby/little kid mode so going into teenager mode was a HUGE change! I was really surprised and delighted to see how well he did here in Idaho. We love having him around and the kids can not stand that he is now home (WI) for 6 weeks! We are excited about the progress he has made and the decision to go on a mission...he still doesn't turn 19 until May. He did not want to walk for graduation but I told him he didn't have a choice...this was MY thing. (you know how many miles I put on my car back and forthe to school?) Graduation was supposed to be outside, but was changed to indoors at the last minute, so we did not have great seats, and it was so HOT! Anyways here are just a few snapshots of the event!!!

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  1. I talked to him at the mill today and he seems very focused as to what he wants to do with his life. I was really happy to hear he wants to serve a mission. We talked about Sammi and her mission a little. He had a long day working the debarker.