Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sick Aubrey

So it is really rainy and yucky today so I am just taking a minute to catch up on my journaling/blogging. Back in May Aubrey got really sick, they said it was gastroenteritus...but I feel differently. She had not been feeling herself for probably 10-12 days and then she started not being able to keep a thing down. I had been in contact with the Pedatric Nurses who were just giving me some suggestions and just to hang in there. Well one evening Jack and I had gone out and when we came home, she looked aweful! I probably hadn't really realized it because it went down hill so slow, and it took me being away from her to really realize it. So I scheduled an appt for the next morning and took her in. Her hydration levels were dangerously low, but the Dr. said we could try IV's for 24 hrs. but if she wasn't showing a major difference we would hospitalize her. Well 24 hours turned into 4 days (how many ever hours that is) but we managed to deal with it without the hospital, except for some blood tests there. We had been through this before with Addi when she was little so I really knew what to expect, but it is still SO HARD to see your baby so sick. The pics are on day 3 I think so she is looking lots better in them. She really is a sassy little firecracker, so that being said she did better with being hooked up to the IV than I thought she would!

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