Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just Journaling

So I just need to catch up on the moments with my kids...

Aubrey- I am relishing in the last few months that you are my baby. I have always felt bad when we have another baby that my current baby will feel displaced, but I think you will maybe like being a big sister. You are definetely my most sassy baby! You hate sitting still and your scream is ear splitting. You are in that stage where you are loving to help throw things away and are trying to attempt at putting things in the hamper. I really do love this stage your in. You are just starting to sleep through the night, which is not uncommon for my kids. You love your dad, mom, stef, and that is just about it. You are not social at all, you are content with our little life and that is it. You think you can communicate anything to us and your facial expressions get quite funny and then you start to throw your arms around...it makes me giggle!
Carson- I know you think you are bigger than you are, and I just want to reassure you it is okay to stay little! You are definetly the one child who still adores me, don't get me wrong you love daddy, but you have never quite fully made the switch. I love who you are becoming. You are still into everything but I can handle that quite a bit better than the occassional sassing. You are so excited to start Preschool and anytime I ask you where you learned something you assure me that it was at Preschool. You are excited for your birthday, but you are already convinced that you are 3, so I don't quite know how old you think are turning...just remember that it is always okay to be mommy's little boy!
Addison- You do anything and everything you can to be my little social butterfly, and I know you got that from your dad. You are definetely a daddy's girl, and we both love it, but especially daddy. You are starting to turn into a little mommy. You mimic a lot of things that I do, including wanting to do the housework. You helped my clean the bathroom last Saturday for the first time and I was a little grossed out that you wanted to do it, but the mirrors looked excellent. You have never been one to change your cloths a million times a day or be picky about your hair, I always tell dad that you are the perfect balance.
Jackson- I don't know why we are having a hard time right now, but for some reason we are. I just tell myself it is because you are home all day and you are just not used to it, though I love having you here. You are such a great example to our family. I worry that you are growing up to fast and learning to many facts about life. I love that you love to read and learn. I think it is still so amazing when we drive around and you just read signs like you have always know what they have said. You also think you need to grow up faster than you need to, just remember you will always be my first baby!

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  1. Love you and your sweet family... Hope you are feeling well, it will be fun to read an update like this again in oh say, 7 months! I expect that you will move into being mommy for child number 5 just as gracefully as you have to 4. You are a wonderful mother and a big example to me. Toni