Friday, July 9, 2010

Best Friends...

Moving into a new home is always a bit nerve racking...but moving into this house, I have made some of the best friends a girl NEEDS!!! We LOVE this neighborhood that we live in. The ward is great, the location is perfect, our neighbors are amazing, oh yea...and the house is okay too. Ever since being married haven't found the need to hang out much besides with Jack (which is pretty stinkin fun) but after having several kids, it is fun to get to get out with girls going through the exact same thing! I really look forward to girls nights and Jack has been 100% supportive in my getting a life besides him...LOL!!! The kids have also made their own friends which is so fun...we spend many hours playing outside with friends. The pictures are of the kids and their friends planting popcorn seeds, campfire fun, and boys doing their thing....(We sure do miss the Rigbys)

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  1. Ahhh, Allison, I miss you and your family like crazy. Can not wait to get back there to get our stuff and see everyone... My daughter started to cry when she seen this and said " THAT'S ADDI!, THAT'S ADDI, I want to see her, I miss her, I miss my friends..." Sad, I know.... Kaden was thrilled to see the action picture of he and Jackson. Kaden has informed me that we will be staying in the trailer when we get there. We are cleaning it completely out and spending every day there so he can ride the hills with Jackson. Thanks for sharing these! Love to all of you, from the Rigby Family!