Monday, November 1, 2010

October in a Nutshell

Boy has life been busy! We are scurrying around trying to get things not only ready for our baby but also for my sisters wedding! We have a lot of people coming and a lot of things to do. My time has been streched to the max, but I have had a lot of fun helping her to get ready, and it is a very exciting time! Thankfully I think that she is almost done, which means I am almost done. The kids are doing great in school and loving every minute of it. I get to volunteer once a month for Carson's class and he hates it. I think he thinks I am intruding on his It is lots of fun to see him interact and be so eager to learn. We are knee deep in 2x4's and dry wall trying to get some projects done in our basement, and it is coming right along...yea! However last weekend while loading the truck I put a 2x4 right through the back window of Jack's work truck...YIKES!!! Luckily he seriously has the best boss EVER!!! Jack has been busy hunting this month and came home empty handed...he said he should have just retired 2 years ago when he was 3 for he is 3 for 5...:( The kids have been loving every minute of this last minute nice weather we are sporatically getting. Everytime the sun in shining they are begging to get on their bikes, I have no idea what I am going to do to entertain them this winter. Here are just a few of our pictures from the following month...Jackson has to read a half an hour everyday and Carson loves to sit and listen to him, this was just a candid moment and thankfully I knew where my camara was...Carson cuddling up to Jackson!

Carson and our little neighbor girl playing in the rain! was actually really fun, and I hate and I mean HATE Halloween! A shout out to my wonderfully talented mother in law who made Addi's tinkerbell costume. ( I also have a ton of wedding dresses she is currently working on...Sorry Ceri!)

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  1. Tylar says, "Addi is a Fairy!, OH Man, she looks like one!" - She also says she misses her friends. Loves to Addi from Tylar and Kaden sends a manly "hey" to Jackson! :)