Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Aubrey's Birthday

My baby girl turned 2! We are in the typical two year old stage...learning how to share, obey, etc. But she is so fun! It fell on a Wednesday this year so we decided just to have a quick cake and ice cream with our family that was in town. Previous to her birthday when we would ask her if she was excited about her birthday she would tell us no. But I think she had a fun day and will be more excited for birthdays to come.
Just a few notes about Aubrey. She is very attached...she loves mom and dad, Nichola (dindi), Cory, Stef (boppy), and Grandma(gammy). She asks about each one several times a day and although she is just fine with other people, these are her favs. She has been pottytrained through the night for months now. She is gungy (hungry) about every 20-30 mins. She loves jumping on the trampoline. She is doing a lot better at nursery. She makes it about half way through now before she has a melt down and then sleeps all during Priest Quorem with Jack. She loves her brothers and sister. She hardly ever takes a nap anymore unless she falls asleep in the car which is for the best because without fail she wakes up and cries for at least a half an hour. She loves shoes, babies, and hates having her hair done!

We sure do love this little girl. She has a very bubbly and funny personality. She is very determined and stubborn but she is beginning to mellow out. (I never thought the day would come). I am loving every minute of this little girl! (okay, except when she wakes up from naps). We are so happy to have her in our family.

Here she is blowing out her candles. Guess who's lap she is sitting on? Cory's!!!

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  1. The 2nd pic from the bottom looks like a young Alexa! I had to do a double take. I'm glad you can enjoy your children. They don't stay little for long even though it seems like it.