Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rain and Sugar

Just a few funny stories of Carson lately...just so I remember...

This was taken just a few minutes ago...we were talking about the chance of having thunderstorms tonight. Carson said he knew where the rain came from. So I asked him to tell me about it. So he said..."well there is a big cup of water up on the clouds, then it gets dumped out, and then when the cloud gets squeezed, the rain comes out." So when I asked him who squeezes the cloud he replies like I was dumb..."the water guy, I like him, he's awesome." Addi and I had a good laugh about it...the things around his neck are binoculars that he made at school today, they went bird watching!

The picture below is from several months ago. Around Christmas time the kids were into the movie "Elf" One morning I was sitting in my bed feeding Brody and Carson said he was hungry...I told him to just find a little treat and that I would come and get him breakfast in just a minute. So he went to the kitchen and made up this conncoction...half a bag of captain crunch and a measuring cup that was full of syrup! When I walked into the kitchen he was sitting on the floor eating it. When I asked him what it was he just told me that he loved sugar and syrup!

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