Saturday, July 9, 2011

Addi turns 6!!!

A few weeks ago was Addi's birthday! She really wanted to have some friends go to the park, so we met at a new park over by the temple...which is really fun. We all brought a picnic and let the kids play. I was going to do some cupcakes but she decided she wanted icecream sandwichs instead. Then we did some shopping which she loved, though Jackson complained the whole time that Addi was spoiled and he didn't ever get anything...yea right! Later that night after Jack came home we did gifts and MORE ice cream sandwiches. We even put her candles in one. Here are a few of the things about Addi!
- Extremely over sensetive!
- LOVES school
- Her hair still doesn't grow....she told Aubrey in the tub the other night how long her hair was getting and just sighed. :(
- Likes shishkabobs. ( I just asked her what she liked and this is what she came up with)
- Extremely social!
- Likes to play with her cousins!

Jack and I just looked at eachother on her birthday and laughed because quite honestly we didn't think she would make it to turn 6! We sure do love our Addi Jane!

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