Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I NEVER wanted girls. I thought having just boys would be the way to go. After having Addi I didn't want another girl but I really wanted her to have a I was elated when we had Aubrey...and to watch their bond is incredible. My girls have always liked eachother but in these last few months they have developed a strong friendship and I LOVE it. They have found quite a few things in common to do. Aubrey loves Addi to do her hair, they love to dress up, play dolls, and just act plain old silly together and when one leaves to go, the other almost lost without the other! (does that make sense?)
On to my sisters...I am truely lucky! I really can't even comprehend life without my sisters. I didn't always think it would matter! I was the oldest and some were a lot younger than I was and we are all totally different than eachother...but as they moved to ID and into our house for a has been the best blessing that I was able to get to know them! I know that I can always let my hair down and be me with them and I can't wait for Alexa to move closer next year!!! They are always there for me whether it is to comfort, help, or just entertain me...I know that they are just a phone call away!

I am truely blessed with these ladies in my life. I hope that as my girls get older they will continue to find the positives in eachother and love eachother for who they are!

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