Sunday, February 17, 2013

Aubrey & Brody

- So we spent Friday night (until 4am) and ALL day Saturday trimming and finishing up our basement.  We were exhausted!  Ceri had taken the kids Friday night until late Saturday afternoon for us.  As we were finishing up a few things last night, Aubrey came down into the man cave with her two bags and cleaned up most of all the chunks of trim and wood.  Jack came down and asked her who had told her to clean it up and she told him no one...that she just wanted to help!
- We were going over a construction bridge after we picked up the kids from Ceri's we were going over I pointed out the big tractors to Brody!  He said "Cool" then after looking out the window said "careful mommy!"  He is coming up with the funniest stuff right now.
- The kids have been fighting like crazy so Jack and I have been talking to them about teamwork etc. and trying to help them get along.  It has been a good 2 days...I am hoping for more!

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