Monday, February 11, 2013

February Catch Up!

Just a few notes I need to write down about my kiddos so I don't forget!  Brody's new obsession for the last few weeks has been to watch Tangled Bebe.  (The movie Tangled...but Aubrey has a Tangled doll so this has become the name).  Last night we were able to convince him that Nemo would be a good movie to try so hopefully this continues.  I am about Tangled out.  We just had Zoey here for the last four days and we had lots of fun with her.  Though everyone was exhausted so I am taking my kids to school late this morning after everyone wakes up...they are just barely starting to stir.  We are in debates over whether to put our house up for sale or just wait until I am done with school.  There are some great deals out there right now and the interest rates are awesome.  We are trying to do a lot of prep work and we got a lot done this weekend.  I am hoping to have a realtor come in the next few days to give us her opinion.  I have made it through the first 5 weeks of school with A's.  Let's hope I can keep it up for the next 10 and then I am done for the semester.

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