Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Boy and His Dog

I really am going to be better journaling this year but using my blog since I NEVER write things done otherwise...My Christmas present to myself is going to have it printed at the end of the year. Yesterday we put out a little bowl of little smokies and BBQ sauce for the dog (YoYo). Jackson came home from school and YoYo still hadn't eaten any of them. The following conversation then happened...
Jackson- Mom I think something is wrong with YoYo
Mom- Why is that?
Jackson- He hasn't eaten any of the little smokies and he eats everything! I went outside and felt the top of his head and he doesn't feel like he is running a temperature.
Mom- (I really tried hard to pull it together and not bust out laughing in his face) I just think YoYo doesn't like the BBQ sauce.
Jackson- Oh well thats okay then, I thought maybe he was getting sick.
This is the prime example of how sweet and loving Jackson is. He is always concerned for others and their feelings. He is doing great in school and working hard. After this conversation I had to go to my bedroom and call Jack. It was just so cute. On a side note Carson is having some speech testing tomorrow...we'll see what happens. He is growing leaps and bounds in his speech but still struggles. He also has woken up dry for 4 nights in a row so he got to try out his scooter. He was super excited because Aubrey hasn't worn diapers at night for a month or two already and he is kinda feeling left behind. We are really getting into a great routine with the baby and the kids. We are all getting cabin fever so we are headed to Utah in a few weeks where we booked a hotel for a night so the kids can just swim and play. Oh hurry summer!!!

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