Thursday, February 10, 2011

Long Day with Carson

This is what my poor little Carson looks like right now. We sure had a long day for a three year old little boy. It started off with a meeting with the Speech Therapist. We have long been concerned with Carson's speech and decided with his teachers that now would be a good time to have him checked. The speech therapist is also concerned but he tested two points away from what was needed to receive speech therapy through the school. They also determined some potential problems with his adenoids (SP?). So then followed a dr. appt with our normal pediatrician and then some x-rays of his face and throat. They are a bit concerned about maybe some hearing problems because of his adenoids and maybe some sleep apnea. We meet with the ENT Dr. one week from today. He did really great but was very hesitant about talking to the "talking teacher". So he was promised ice cream with mom if he did okay, and he did great. He was fantastic with the teacher, dr.'s, and nurses who did all sorts of things to him today. I am determined to fight about his adenoids. He has grown by leaps and bounds this last six months but I think he does have something going on that we need to find. The speech therapists will continue to track his progress and we will have him evaluated again at the end of the year.
On a great note, my little Brody is growing like a week. Jack said this morning he needs to learn to walk or his legs will be dragging on the ground when we carry him. I am putting 0-3 month things away and breaking out the 3-6 month cloths because he is so long. He really is pretty scrawny except his chubby little cheeks.


  1. it is pretty hard to wear out a toddler! poor guy! You little man is so stinking cute!

  2. Sorry to hear about Carson, hope it all gets figured out! Your little baby is so freaking adorable! I want to squeeze those cheeks of his!!