Friday, March 4, 2011

Brody is 2 Months!

My baby boy is already two months old. He took his shots like a champ...a little fussy in the evening but did really well. He is smiling a lot and cooing. He loves his mommy! He reminds Jack of that dinosaur show that used to be on when we were growing up and that baby would yell "not the mommy, not the mommy!" He loves to lay on the living room floor and have people talk to him. Jackson likes to rock him and Addi is the master burper. At his checkup he weighed in at 11pds 9 ozs. and 24 inches. He really hasn't grown in quite a few weeks. He seems to have leveled out. On the other news front, Aubrey is talking a ton. Everyday comes out more and more words. She is really fun. We love to hear her say Cory. It is so stinkin cute. When Cory comes over and they chant eachothers name back and forth...pretty funny. Carson goes in for surgery on Wednesday. This mommy will be happy when it is all over with. We took Addi and Jackson out to lunch last Saturday for great report cards. They are really doing so great. Addi is loving learning how to read and is doing great. Jackson lost a tooth last Sunday and the tooth fairy finally decided to come last night. Opps!!! Other than that life is going on as usual, with not enough hours in the day to get everything done.


  1. I hope everything goes well with the surgery!

  2. Hope Carson is healing well from his surgery! that is no fun! Your little Brody is one cute baby!