Thursday, March 17, 2011


So yesterday I had made some peanut butter cookies and Carson was whining about wanting anther "pookie" So I told him if he could say cookie then maybe I would consider it. So he sat by me and we worked on the "c" sound and out popped the word cookie. I was so excited and instead of saying "nah" he says yea. It is amazing what only one week after surgery has done. I am positive of what the dr said about him not being able to hear. Several times this week he has heard new sounds to him and to watch his expression is priceless. He heard the fan on in the living room and got frustrated because he couldn't figure out what was making that really soft humming noise. It has been fun to watch the progress in just the last few days and I am super excited about what is to come!

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  1. How great is that? Little things that we take so for granted. It will be fun to watch him learn by leaps and bounds.