Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So about a month back I decided to give this whole couponing thing a try. I was inspired by one of Jack's cousin's who has a small grocery store in her basement...thanks Kari! So I did it and ordered my five Sunday papers. I am by no means the best but I bought 5 tubes of Colgate toothpaste yesterday for $1. So I was very excited. So I then went to Target where I had a list of a few items. I was walking through the Tylenol isle to pick up my free Tylenol (which they were out of) and ran in to another couponer. So I was asking her a few questions and told her about my toothpaste deal to which she replied "I thought that used to be a good deal when I first started too!" I was super bugged. How the crap are these people getting things for FREE!!! People will tell you they haven't boughten toothpaste in years! So today I had my first lesson in free items. I bought 10 mens deoderant for FREE!!!! It was so super EXCITING! I love the feeling of seeing Jack's hard earned paychecks go farther! I am not gonna lie after today I am excited for my next big deal....whatever it is!

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