Thursday, February 3, 2011

Brody Rex

I can't figure out how to move my pictures to the bottom...and I am done follows the pictures!

So I need to go back just for journaling for my own purposes. On December 26th - thats right we will have a birthday party every year the day after Christmas- Brody Rex joined our family. I was super nervous about having this baby and he proved to be my hardest. He was born sunny side up but nice and healthy. He was also my biggest baby weighing in at 7 pds 6 ozs. He has been a very easy going baby but already a mama's boy. Jack and I found out that we were having a boy but our kids did not want to know, so we kept it a surprise. They wanted to wait until they got to the hospital to find out, so when they walked in and saw no bow in his hair, they knew. Aubrey's expression was priceless. Carson was a little intimidated by the hospital surroundings but eventually warmed up and Addi and Jackson already couldn't get enough of him. His name the entire time I was pregnant was Trevon Rex but then it just didn't fit so we hashed over more and more and more names. I had a really hard time with his name, in fact I told the hospital to hold his birth certificate in case we decided to change it, but it is growing on my more and more. He was blessed on the 30th following Nichola's wedding reception by Jack. I have loved that my dad has been here for all of our baby blessings. I have had some mixed feelings with him being our last, I am super attached as well. I love that day after you bring them home and you all of a sudden REALLY fall in love with them and can not remember what life was like without them, not that you didn't love them at birth but now you REALLY love them, that happened last week and I LOVE it. I also have a bit more patience with the nights and crying bouts and things because I know that this is the last time and I just want to soak it all in. I did get my first awkward smile last week, but nothing since then and what about that baby smell...their breath, freshly bathed...I seriously am in love with this baby..


  1. Love that picture of your kids all around your hospital bed. I'm so glad we got to meet Mr. Brody during all the wedding craziness.