Monday, January 21, 2013


As is typical since I have been in school, when Jack gets home he gets the kids dinner and gets things going for the evening.  Cold cereal was on the menu (not really but that's what the kids picked tonight). Afterwards, we started family home evening and Jack asked Carson to pray.  His prayer was so sincere in the things he asked for. (That we can listen to mom and dad the first time & that we can listen for the spirit & I am hoping to remember what else).  He doesn't always like to pray and when is asked he will flat out tell us no a lot of the time, so it was nice to hear a sincere prayer.  Afterwards a game of Phase 10 was played.  As we were getting the kids ready for bed Addi came to us and said she needed to talk and the tears started to flow.  She cried and said how worried she had been about an incident that occurred at school months ago!  She said she had been walking down the bike path and a boy said that someone could take her and make her smoke pot.  (she had no idea what pot was) She said she had been worried about it since then and had been praying about it, but didn't want to talk to us about it.  We assured her that we take precautions on the way to school so that no one will take her and reviewed the safety rules and told her that no one can make her smoke anything she doesn't want to.  Then she expressed some concerns about a friend of hers who's parents are getting divorced (she found out last week).  She expressed her desire to do something nice for this friend but didn't know what to do.  (she also said she wasn't worried that we would get a divorce)  :)  We told her to take a few days to think about it and then let us know and we would help her to do whatever it is she wants.  How grateful I am for such sweet kids in our home.  I know they have a testimony of their Heavenly Father and a testimony of prayer. 

Just a cute pic of my Addi!  She is just to dang cute!

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  1. Loved reading this post. Sometimes we get that great blessing to hear our kids talk about the spiritual things. It makes all the times when you want to pull your hair out worthwhile.