Wednesday, January 30, 2013

They are living the life

These two definitely are living the dream life these days!  Since I have started school they have done more of this than I would ever care to admit.  We have never been big TV watchers but now days it is a different story.  I knew school would take a lot of time but I didn't expect it to take as much of my time as it does.  I spend on average 30-40 hours a week on homework.  I don't ever remember studying period last time I went to college.  :)  I am loving it though!  I am currently taking my Foundations English, Psychology, Anatomy & Physiology, and Book of Mormon (1st half).  I have loved using my brain again but it has been a struggle to keep up with everything else.  My kids and Jack have been such a big help with keeping up with the house, dinners, entertaining these 2 little yahoos, etc.  I truly am blessed with a great family.  But seriously who wouldn't want to lounge around as much as these two! 

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