Sunday, January 13, 2013


For some reason I had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit, but none the less we had a great time.  For the first year ever we put lights up on the house...(stef put lights up on the house.)  We had a great time doing our annual tradition FHE with the Mann's and the Torman's and the Mercer Christmas Party.   We went to Salt Lake and saw the lights and had a little family get together.  We had the ward party (the first one we have been able to go to in years.)  Here is a sneak picture of how that went. 
Brody was not a huge fan of Santa at the
Ward Party.  When you ask if he likes
him he says "don't know".  I think he is confused
because he brought toys!. 

Jackson has not believed in Santa for Several years, but he is a great sport for his siblings.  This year he got and IPod, cloths, basketball, and a new packers pillowcase. He also got a scope for his gun. 

Add still very much believes in Santa.  I think she is starting to get it but she
doesn't want to yet.  She got Piano books and lessons, cloths, pillow & case &
MP3 Player.  She also got her art stand with accessories.

Carson goes along with anything!  This year he got KNEX, cloths,
hunting pillow and case, a remote control car.  He also got his
fishing pole and he can't wait for summer.

Aubrey loves Santa.  As she was opening her gift
she screamed "Santa is awesome".   She got
a lalaloopsy doll, a pillow and case, cloths, and
more mini lalaloopsys. Aubrey also got her pig
from IKEA that she loved! 

Brody got cloths, a dinosaur pillow and case, a little
letter, number, song player thing.  He also got a pop gun
which he loves that is super obnoxious!  Yay for noisy

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