Sunday, January 13, 2013

Brody Turns 2

It is not ideal to have a birthday the day after Christmas!  Everyone  is a bit partied out by then, but I am determined to make the best of it.  Jack of course had to work so we planned the party for right after work.  We had nachos for dinner and then homemade oreo cookies for his "cake". 
 Just a few things we love about our Brody.
-He is so chatty.  He talks from sun up to sun down.  And he comes up with some pretty funny things.
-He is potty trained and probably my easiest potty trainer. 
-He still has an tear duct that gets plugged up so his face is always and I mean ALWAYS a little red.  (see above pic.)  We need to address this at his apt this week. 
-My most chill kid.  He goes along with everything and I mean everything!  But he does hate shopping. 
 -He is so tall.  He is in all 3T cloths. 
 -He is still the "baby of the family" and wants everything when he wants it.  We are trying to teach sharing and patience.
-He loves babies.  But he is sure to say he wants no babies in this house.  He loves when they come to visit but he doesn't want any staying. 
-He is a social bug and loves to go to Grandmas, Stef's, or Nicholas house.  He does not like to be left out. 
-Loves cookies and asks for them all the time.
-Loves to play "dancing" on the wii.
-Loves bathtime with "colors"
We sure love having this little boy around.  He is constantly on
the go and has already outgrown daily naps.  He is so much
fun and I can't imagine life without him.  Love my
little man!
 For his birthday this year he got...a beanbag from Zane and Megan.  New jammies from Nichola and Cory (see outfit change) he wanted them on right then and there.  Undies, dinosaurs, and dino book from Grandma.  Spiderman with an airplane from Stef and Korey.  Basketball hoop from Mom and Dad. 

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